Hello World 🌎

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Hello world,

“Hello world” for a no-code newsletter is sarcastic. If you don't know why, you are definitely not a coder. 🤖

Let me explain, the first thing you learn as a coder is to print on the screen “hello world”, true story.

The second thing is to build a todo list but this can have huge consequences ( I will explain why in another post).

I am Imad, digital freelance consultant, I worked with big companies here in Europe.

During my freelance missions, I saw a bunch of companies struggling with basic internal projects around products/web apps.

That's why I introduce to them some of the no-code tools or hacks I used in my side projects. They were subjugated. 💘

If you have a product idea just tell me and I will build for you a no-code recipe.

Another question? Just reply to this email and ask!